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Saturday, 19 February 2011

100th Follower Giveaway Result

Ta-Da!! I've used what can only be described as a non-techie way of finding out the winner of my 100th follower giveaway, a box!  Admitedly it was a shiny, attractive, birthday box but nevertheless, a box.  I put in all the eligible names on a piece of paper, gave it a good shake and picked one out at random.  The name picked out was.....

Congratulations Marg (MSE), please contact me on my email address with your details so I can send out your goodies.

It was a birthday box because today was my birthday and what a lovely day I've had.  My husband and boys have been spoiling me all day.

Just a few small bits from the day:
given to me by my family & friends

Yes, that is a working clock with legs that says 'Have a Wonderful Life!' on the front (from my youngest son).

As a family we went on a trip to Warwick and I treated myself to some paint brushes and other materials from an art shop there.

This was my boys way of waiting for the bus!:

Thanks for looking and for any comments,

PS.  Apologies for the lack of crafting recently.  I'm now on anti-biotics for the eye and even they are not working!  I wore my sunglasses today and got a few strange looks especially in the rain!


Carmen said...

Can't think of a more appropriate box you could have used! :D Congratulations Marg!

Happy Birthday Nicky :)

Kandi said...

Congrats to Marg and Happy Birthday to you!! Your boys look really happy despite the rain. Hope the eye soon gets sorted, you must be fed up with it by now.
Kandi x

Marg said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday!! Thank you for picking my name out of your gorgeous birthday box. x

qwiksave said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and congratulations to Marg again.

Bad news about the eye. When I woke up this morning I discovered the other eye has got the infection too now! I am getting concerned because all the treatments the doctors have been giving me aren't working. I look as if I'm 108 not 48! :-(

Marg said...

Sorry to hear you eyes are getting worse. Our local hospital have a dedicated eye 'casualty' IYSWIM might be worth seeing if yours has one. They will be the experts, don't wait any longer eyes are too precious. (hugs) PS tried to email you but it bounced back - might try to pm you on MSE

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Hope your eye problems improve :)

Congrats to Marg xx

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Ohhhh and I forgot to say

♥'HaPpY bIrThDaY'♥

Carmen said...

Do as Marg says and get your bum to hospital! Hope it all sorts itself out soon :(

Did you get my email? Just wondering seeing as Marg's bounced back?

qwiksave said...

Thanks emma bear. Carmen I have replied to your email just now. :-)

furrypig said...

Belated birthday wishes Nicky, please be careful with your eyes hope they are recovering xxx
ps congrats Marg

Melanie Marshall said...

Oh I didn't know - Happy birthday!! Your gifts looked beautiful.. but not as gorgeous as your sons! They're adorable!

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