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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Spring Lambs plus Fragment Necklace

It was a beautiful sunny day today here in the Midlands, still a bit cold but nice enough for a trip out with my inlaws and my boys on a half term day out to a  fun farm play (& shop!) place.  We went to Hatton Country World, near Warwick where some of the Mama lambs have started giving birth to lots of teeny weeny, cute, baa lambs!   I took quite a few pictures (today's craft is photography!) which I thought could put us all in the Spring mood.

(The effects are courtesy of picnik.com)

..and here are some of the bigger sheep:
they had a great marquis background which is perfect for creative altering!:
...and check out all this fuzzy fuzziness:
This one's my favourite though.  This sheep looks just like a sleeping lion!:

* * * * * * * *

Finally, the necklace I made using a Tim Holtz fragment set:
To be quite honest this one went a bit wrong whilst I was making it. I squeezed the Glossy Accents bottle to put the patterned paper on the back, the lid came off and it squirted out all over the place!  Doh!  Ah Well!  There's plenty more fragments left to try and make some more successful ones!

Thanks for reading and for any kind comments,


Kandi said...

That necklace is fab it does not look like it went wrong at all, I love it.
The lambs are beautiful but I'm a bit scared of sheep, it's their funny eyes they spook me out.
Kandi x

qwiksave said...

Sorry I put so many sheep pictures on then Kandi. I forget some people might not like things like that. Thanks for the compliment about the necklace. x

Carmen said...

Fabby pictures Nicky. I don't mind sheep so you're alright there *g* Hide behind my ample backside Kandi :)

Love the necklace!

furrypig said...

those lambs are so cute and make me feel so spwing like!

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