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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dazzle,Glitter, Shine

Back to crafting (yey!) and this was another little life reminder I have made for myself:
It was created using
A Bazzill template, a sakura glue pen (not pictured) and some glitter. Simply put a bit of glue through the holes of the stencil, take away the stencil and cover the glue with glitter. The writing was drawn freehand with the glue pen and then covered in glitter.

Glitter is really difficult to photograph successfully, so apologies for the pictures, you can imagine it is much more sparkly in real life.

Detailed shots:
This will be one for the noticeboard.

I'm rattling around with the amount of tablets I'm on for the problem eyes, but I'm glad to say that the ones I've been given today have given me some definite signs of improvement. The doctor said that if they didn't get any better then the next stage would be to see the eye specialist.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


K said...

Glad to hear the new tabs are working Nicky. Never thought of using glue with stencils, doh!

K said...

Totally agree with you about CCW delivery times. I wouldnt mind so much about it if they'd give a more accurate estimate for delivery times.

Carmen said...

Ooh pretty! Sparkly! Never tried those templates, will have to give them a go!

Glad the eyes are starting to mend.

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