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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Graffiti Style Dance

The scrapbook page I did tonight has a message that I could do with applying - to myself and I'm not talking about dancing!

This was how the page started.   The image of the dancer was from the internet which I think is of Ziggy Stardust, those of you who are old enough to know the name! ;-)

..And this is how it finished up:
I had a fun but very messy time with some blackboard paint, a red watercolour pen and tippex correction fluid.

When I started this  page, I had no idea of what direction I wanted it to go in, but just knew that I loved and was going to use that dancer image!  I took a few materials into my bathroom studio, along with a crumpled up sheet to protect the floor and this was the result. The quote was from online and I wrote it in the grafitti style to match the boldness of the image.  Just need to remember to apply it!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,

PS  Quick reminder of my follower's giveaway from a few days ago, closing date is this Saturday if you wish to enter.  See this post here for details.


K said...

WOW! fab page!!!!
LOVE the style of the title, very striking.

Carmen said...

It's gorgeous, just gorgeous! Ooh could it be a contender to your Flourishes page...hmmm, even stevens at the mo - LOVE it!

furrypig said...

Amazing page you are very talented Nicky! thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog really appreciate it xxx

qwiksave said...

Thanks crafters! I had a feeling that it might be your kind of thing K and Carmen ;-) Its getting towards the authentic me so I'm sure I will do more.

furrypig, glad to see you have family around to help, enjoy your half term. x

Melanie Marshall said...

Gorgeous work! Ziggy Stardust.. You just have to have good taste in music to know it ;) I love how this turned out.. especially the title xXx

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