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Monday, 22 March 2010

Wax Art

Earlier on  this morning the sun was shining and it was positively Spring like. I found a project on this blog that I thought would be great to do to show off the sunshine.  The project was to make some egg shapes out of melted wax crayons and display them on your window in the sunshine.  This would have been good but by the time I'd finished the project the sun had gone away and it was pouring it down!

Here are the results of my egg making!  Truly glorious colour pictures that I haven't cut up into egg shapes yet as I'm thinking of displaying them in a modern art gallery instead! lol:

(To see individual pictures hover your mouse near the bottom of the screen, pause it and then press the forward button) 

A few tips I learned: 
Put the wax crayons in a dish of warm water to help soak off the labels, and don't use decent sharpeners (it wrecks them). You'll also need something sharp to unclog the sharpener regularly.  Expect sore fingers from all that sharpening and don't use that sort of Travel Iron, it doesn''t get hot enough!  You will need to use loads of  kitchen roll and an old teatowel  as it's very messy to do and I personally wouldn't get kids to do it.   Bet you can't wait, can you?....



Gemma said...

ooh thats really lovely, the marbled effect looks great :) xx

qwiksave said...

Thanks Gemma and sorry that you're not feeling well. Hope you get better soon.

My younger son said gave the verdict that they were a 'bit hippyish' lol

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