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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cakes and Camera

Quick post from me tonight, these nights are too cold to sit with freezing hands.  I need to get under a cozy warm blanket!

Yesterday I made another cake plate stand.  When I bought the Royal Doulton plate the other day I was offered 1 for £1.50 or 2 for £2.  I only wanted one but was persuaded!

I managed to get myself two more glass candlesticks, and this time they were the cut crystal type, for £3 (Now, I need to make a THIRD plate stand! and so it goes on....)

I made some cakes to go on this one (although I didn't get as far as icing them) and they rose a bit too much - but take it from me,  they still tasted delicious!

This was a shorter candlestick than the previous one, which worked out better really.

Today, I've also been doing some other photography - photos of decorative iron - flourishes!  :-)

and of textures...

and I got one more bargain from 'The Works' today:

They were BIG, (1") puffy letter stickers. 99p! ...
...and they also had other sets like flowers & butterflies and a zoo animals set.

See you tomorow!

qwiksave x


K said...

I was looking at those yesterday as well, the zoo animals were also fab and am thinking of getting them for kiddie cards

Amy said...

Love the cake plate stand! How did you attach the candlestick to the plate, was it just glue?

qwiksave said...

Sorry, did I forget to say how I made the cake stand? Oops! Yes, it was just glue - I used Araldite Extra Strong. qwiksave x

PepPop said...

Another great cake stand - nice to see that cakes too. Definately on my to do list. Jaqui x

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