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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Orange VW

I'm finally allowed out! Not just out of the attic space which is going to take weeks to sort (!), but out on the town on Friday night.  We (the girls and I) have not only got one but two birthdays to celebrate and I've been working on the second card today.

The person getting this card has her own orange 1970's Volkswagon Beetle and loves it - how could I not give her a card with such a fab image on it?  I searched the internet for possible images and played around with them on Picnik.

First of all there was this:
Which I thought would be THE ONE to give her, but then I played some more...
Wow! ..and some more:
..and then I changed the image:
like the rounded corners..
and this one is just great in this colour!

So now I have the dilema, which image shall I choose for the card?...  

Think it will be the top one because that is most like her car.  I've got some fab silver photo corners from Paperchase that will finish it off nicely.

See you tomorrow!

qwiksave x


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