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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Nostalgic cassettes

Tonight I have been making a birthday card for my younger brother, who's birthday is on Tuesday - yikes! Why do I always leave them until the last minute?  I'm too trusting of the Post Office, which is not necessarily a good idea.

Anyway, to get onto the card. Here it is:

When we were growing up, in the, ahem, 1960's/70's, we used to record music from our record players and the radio (especially the Top 40) onto cassette tapes. My music taste tended to be into the latest pop like Abba, The Osmonds or the Sweet and my brother was into 'hard' rock music like Motorhead and AC/DC.  Anyway, I used to have such nice writing, that he paid me to write on the inlay cards (the packaging around the tapes) on all of his cassette cards - and he had hundreds!  So we have this in common, and I still have some tapes (loads in fact) in my attic so I dug them out to make this card.

I put the cassettes onto my light box (handmade by my husband!) and photographed them and then played with the images using Picnik:

(I got the original idea from a similar card I have seen in Paperchase)

While I was up in the attic, I also found this old 1970's scrapbook that my sister was going to chuck out.  It has lots of songwords to songs from the 1970's, I love it!:

I also love doing nostalgic projects! :-)



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