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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Christmas Script Tile

This was tonight's craft - a tile written on with permanent pens.

   It makes a nice decoration but I used a tile I found at home which wasn't really suitable.  It was a glazed tile so the ink kept sliding about and I had to be careful about fingerprints.
  Even now its not finished and I still have some more red colouring and cleaning up with a cotton bud to do.

When its done I think it will look good on my dear old mother's dresser (that I inherited) where I love to put all my christmassy bits on display.  It'll go on a top shelf so nobody can reach it.  If it does get picked up though,  it'll be easy enough to repair though, just grab a pen!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,
See you tomorrow,


K said...

That is beautiful nicky!

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