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Saturday 11 December 2010

Free Digital Christmas Cards

Despite making some christmas cards throughout the year on this blog, I have still got quite a few left to do.  I have found a quick alternative way of making them that makes them personalised too.  It's probably no surprise to my regular followers but I would like to recommend Picnik.  There is  a section there that is completely free, although you can pay for more effects.

Today I have used this year's school photo of my boys as I know some of my relatives would love this type.
I added the snowflake frame effect to the original picture.

I was a bit disappointed in some of the selection because there were a lot that said 'Happy Holidays' on them, here in the UK we don't tend to use that phrase, but it is an american site.

Here was another with a pencil effect:

You can also modify cards you have made using craft materials both before and after they have been printed too.  You may recognise this button tree I made recently:

The same card can look so different.

I'm not sure I'll be on tomorrow, I have come down with something nasty.  My boys have got better and I have caught something.  Today one minute I have been sweating and the next minute freezing, my throat feels like sandpaper and I haven't managed to eat anything.   Fortunately my husband has come back from Germany for the weekend, but he's going back on Monday - I'm  not looking forward to the school week!  

 Thanks for looking and any comments,
May see you tomorrow,


PepPop said...

Love the pencil sketch effect. Great cards. Jaqui x

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