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Monday 13 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

OOh, I could do with some of this type of thing right now, to make me all well again!  (not this particular one though, not is it only ancient, its also for horses! lol)

I've been to the Doctor's today and have a confirmed case of tonsilitus.  It is so painful!  I just want it to go away so I can get on with my Christmas preparations. 

It takes a lot to keep me away from my computer though so even though I'm not up to making things, I can't resist putting fingers to keyboard. I'm still reading my blog list and keeping this blog up to date.  It's easy enough to do from the sofa, unlike the housework, lol.   (Actually that reminds me of a notice I saw at a Christmas fair recently, it said 'A CLEAN HOUSE IS A SIGN OF A BROKEN COMPUTER' )
I found this old video on my laptop from when my 10 year old was about 3.  Love it when shopping centres make the effort to put on something extra for the children.  Sadly our local one doesn't seem to do this kind of thing anymore, maybe its for economic reasons. 
(Apologies for the lighting conditions)

Hope all your preparations are going well,
See you tomorrow,


Unknown said...

I love his face when he sees the bear...Children are so innocent , thxs for sharing xx

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