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Tuesday 14 December 2010

Personalised Stocking Filler

Thank you for your kind messages, the anti-biotics have been doing their magic today and I'm feeling quite a bit better today - I even did a 'mini' craft tonight!

It was personalising some pencils with my son's names on.
(sorry, nightime photo!)
..using individual letters cut from letter stickers on transparent paper
Think I'll put them in a box with some other personalised items - kids love things with their name on!

* * * * *
Glad to be feeling a bit more human again, but glad in a way that I have had this illness now rather than at Christmas, I've been ill at Christmas before and its not nice.  Loads of children are off school at my sons' school at the moment, possibly passing their illnesses onto their parents too.  We'll all be wearing gas masks next!

It may be this strange weather we have been having that has brought on all the bugs. This Thursday we are due more snow which means for the first time in years we may actually get a White Christmas (Yay!) I have also heard reports that 'it' (the White Christmas), may not happen 'in the central part of the country' - typical, because that is just where we live! (Boo!) I do hope they're wrong...

Thanks for reading and any comments,
See you tomorrow,


Liberty :) said...

Hmm..loving the comment above me?!?! LOL!! Love this idea, its a great way of personalising if the person has an unusual spelling of the name! I agree about being ill, better now than xmas - all our work have had flu....except for 3 of us...it'll probably hit me at christmas !!!

Nicky Stevenson said...

I hope you don't get it over Xmas Liberty. The comment above you had to go - it was 'Anonymous'& wasn't about the post at all, it was just suggesting,'I don't speak English?!' Sometimes I do write my post quickly on here, getting the idea down first and then have to edit (& re-edit..) for it to make a bit more sense. Oh yes, snd I can waffle too.. ;=)

Carmen said...

I think all bloggers are wafflers at heart ;) I definitely am!

Love this idea - especially for my eldest - we can NEVER get anything with her name on unless someone goes on holiday to Devon :P

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