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Thursday, 10 November 2011

November Journal

I did do a Christmas craft at my art group yesterday but it was very glittery and I couldn't get a decent photo of it (probably doesn't help that I've lost my camera cable and am relying on the camera on my phone for pics) to show you.  I have always found glitter projects tricky to show well on photos, they look great in real life but for some inexplicable reason, not on camera.  But, I will be showing you something christmassy soon, honest!

Enough of the excuses, what I can show you are some more of my November daily journaling pages, which I hope you are enjoying looking at.

As you probably know, I am working my way through an excellent journaling course called '30 days in your journal' with crafting extrordinaire, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.  Her enthusiasm is very infectious and as I mentioned before, so funny, but also very motivational. 

We aren't told what things we should include in our journals, that is up to us, and, as was the case today, I found an old guidebook of New York from the 1960s.

All the pictures you see here were scans from the guidebook.  I love looking at vintage images and seeing how cars, people and buildings have changed over the years.  I bet there are a lot more cars on the streets of New York these days! (Not that I've been - sigh!- one day!...)

This page, despite its distressing and stamping, looks remarkably clean and tidy, especially when you consider what I did on the next page!:

Julie and some of the others in the class used misting sprays but I always get filthy when I use sprays so I chose something cleaner to use - these are...

...coloured nail polishes!

Three to be precise, in colours orange, yellow and blue.  They looked great when they mingled together and made different shades.  I am very much looking forward to seeing what we will be adding to this page tomorrow, it's such fun!....

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Happy Days said...

I know the problem with glitter and sparkle only too well! I've decided to make a trip to IKEA to get a daylight lamp (I think you can angle onto the project to get an enhanced spaerkle without the glare.

Lovin' the latest pages.

Carmen said...

Ooh - top tip there from Claire!

I love your drippy page - your journal must smell fabulous now!

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