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Monday, 21 November 2011

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer Course '30 Days in your Journal'

These are my latest pages:
This one is in progress.  A lot of us had to come out of our comfort zones to draw a face!  I haven't drawn one in years but I always like to apply eyeliner around my own eyes, so maybe that helped, lol!

The page on the left you've seen, the foam stamp page:
But neither of these were course pages, they were pages I made so that I could 'catch up' with the others when I got ahead of myself.

You saw me start this one about a week ago:
This is it complete.
(It looked liked a chalkboard so I added the picture of the girl from a 1960's girls annual)

All the sets of pages are so different!  I've never done quite so many different things every day for a month, come December and I'll be needing a rest!  lol.  Problem is with that is that I've got the journaling bug now, can't stop....

Thanks for stopping by and for any comments,
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Carmen said...

really love that blackboard page. That is the perfect image you've used! :)

Jonquil said...

Happy Thanksgiving Nicky!

qwiksave said...

Thanks Jonquil, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. ☺

Carmen said...

Your blackboard page is on Julie's blog! Whoot!

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