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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fun 3d Christmas Light Viewers

You remember recently I showed you some of my photos from our town's christmas light switch on, well one of the photos I showed you had been enhanced - not with post camera manipulation, but with one of a set of four 3-d christmas/holiday viewers.

It was the shot I took of the shop window, this one:
If you look carefully you can see that all the places where there are points of light, you can see little images of stylised snowflakes.
This is a normal photo of the window before, so you can see the comparison:

The 3-d viewers are like really light opera glasses, as in they are plastic glasses that are suspended on a stick for holding up to the eyes. 

As they were for the eyes, rather than a camera, the effect was a little tricky to photograph (I had to photograph through the lenses of the glasses) but it is a really cool effect - for children and 'big children' (like me!)

As I said, there are 4 different types and I had a go at taking pictures of the lights over the town with some of the others:
 I love this one! Lots of tiny little snowmen
 and this one is of snowflakes

The other one is of an image of father christmas's face and that is cool too.
I was sent a set to review and thoroughly enjoyed doing so too, they are great fun.  

So, if you fancy a set, how would you go about getting yourself some of these?
They cost $20 for a set of 5 (there is a reindeer in the set that I wasn't sent)
and you can order them online at this site:

They are from America, so those of us in Europe would need to add a bit more shipping into the cost but they are very light so that wouldn't be much.   Shipping can sometimes take a while so allow for that if you would like to add them as stocking fillers, as in, order very soon!

As I said, I was sent them to review, but I wouldn't have put them on my blog if I wasn't impressed, and as you can see, I was! ☺

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

They picked the right person to review - these are so fun and so you! With all your photo gimmickery and enhancing. Very clever stuff.

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