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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas Lights Christmas Card Idea

Has your nearby town switched on its Christmas lights yet?  Ours switched ours on tonight and it gave me an idea.  It's dead simple and all you need is your camera!

Take pictures of anything and everything Christmassy around.  You can do this any time of course, but it's easier to do it on nights when the town's busy because you aren't quite so noticable amongst the crowds.

This one is of the window of Paperchase:
..and these two were the window displays of House of Fraser:

The idea is to make them as photos to have on display in your home at Christmas (as mood photos) or, you could make them into Christmas cards. Just stick them onto a piece of festive coloured card with a suitable greeting.

You could also do the personalised type with 'Greetings from (Insert Home Town Here)' with a picture of the town lit up in lights.

(Just a small selection of the collection I took)

A nice simple idea and great for those 'last minute panic' cards too!

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Happy Days said...

Great idea - although I'm not sure our town has any lights this year. There was some wrangle between the council and traders and neither would foot the bill :(

qwiksave said...

Aw, that's a shame not to have lights in town. Maybe you could just photograph shop windows, etc. x

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