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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Happy Bonfire Night

..to all of us that celebrate it in the UK.

I have been really enjoying the '30 Days in your Journal' course run by Julie Fan-Fei Balzer of Balzer designs and have changed the colours of my pages since you last saw them a couple of days ago.

This is my first double page spread finished:

I kept encountering equipment problems, pens that wouldn't write, rubber stamps that wouldn't give good impressions, crayons that wouldn't let you ink over the top of them...so consequently what you see here is about it's 5th edit.  As in a cover up, covering up a cover up, covering a.....  I've liked how it was looking at other stages but I'm still relatively okay with the completed first set of pages.   

As you know, I like my flourishes! ☺

I love the horse picture, I think it was from a youknowhich bank advert! 
We're onto a new page tomorrow, yay!

For bonfire night tonight, we had just a family do in our back garden.  My husband got some ultrasafe (as in tame) fireworks and we enjoyed our own little bonfire.  As I write this I can still smell the smoke on my clothes. 

I love the effect of sparklers, they are always such fun!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


K said...

Oh wow Nicky, thats beautiful

Happy Days said...

Fantastic!! I love it! xx

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