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Saturday, 12 November 2011

My 11-11-11 11.11am

...was spent Christmas crafting! Yes, you've read that right, I did a little christmas crafting whilst I was waiting for my lunchtime journaling video to come through from the course I am doing with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

I made these card/tag toppers:

(Actually, I haven't given them a permanent home yet, I'm just trying them out as tags).

If you look quite closely you can see the texture behind each of the christmas characters and I found a good and simple way to get it.  What you (I) do is use an offcut of a roll of textured wallpaper.  Mine wasn't an 'offcut' it was a great big roll - that I got from a charity shop for 99p and cut out a small square.  Then you simply paint a bit of sky and a shadow and stick on a christmas themed sticker.  Distressing the corners is optional.   I love the way it looks like snow or even just a textured background (see gingerbread man and xmas tree).   Take a look in your garage or shed, maybe you have got some left over paper that's suitable?...

Oh, and here was the picture I took whilst experimenting with making these:
I took it at exactly 11.11 and 11 seconds but the camera hesitated! 
Apologies also for the fact its a little out of focus, part excitement and part camera phone fault.

I made even more mess in the afternoon with today's '30 days in your journal' course:
This is our third page spread.

All good fun! Have a great weekend.
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Gemma said...

gorgeous tags Nicky! thanks for your comment on my smash book, I am really enjoying it and can see why you have so much fun with your art journaling :) xx

Carmen said...

Oh top tip! TOP TIP I say. Am sure we have some wallpaper laying around somewhere - these are so cute :)

paulaexuk said...

These little tags are just darling. What a great idea. Were the stickers glazed or did you put stickles on top?

qwiksave said...

Thanks crafters. paulaexuk, the stickers came like that, they were from Paperchase.

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