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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Journal Lettering and Winter Trees

Here is a snippet from my latest page of my journaling course with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer:

I love hand lettering so have enjoyed doing this page immensely.  (This is a double page spread, the journaling is on the facing page, not shown).   These letters were of my own creation, we could choose to do this or copy Julie's examples.  

 * * * * *

I went out today (to get some 35mm film for an underwater camera I bought from a charity shop yesterday - will show you those when I get a chance to play!)  and was surprised to see how few leaves are left on the trees now (maybe I need to get out more! ☺)
 I love seeing how dynamic trees look without their summer 'coats'
 They create such dramatic shapes that are just asking to be graphically enhanced.
Trees really are fascinating, whatever the season!

Thanks for looking, hope you've had a great weekend,

PS - A site seen in our local junk furniture shop window:
(New) Wooden boxes with all kinds of stamped pictures and writing on them, each costing £5


K said...

Mmmm, drooling over those boxes, how big are they? I'd love some largeish ones to replace the plastic tubs I have on top of the kitchen cupboards. My kitchen isnt rustic but I think they'd go with almost any style at that height.

Lovely looking letters & great description "summer coats".

Anonymous said...
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Michael Snow said...

I just noticed how little 35mm film is to be found in stores, here, anymore. It was sad to read this year that the last roll of Kodachrome was developed one year ago this month--after 75 years.

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