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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Painted Pages Exercise

I'm getting dead excited as the week goes on....because on Friday I am getting (squeal!) an Iphone! Not sure how I go about using one yet (I've not even got an MP3 player!) but I'm sure I'll get used to it.  Expect some practice creative bits 'n' bobs on here whilst I learn and get to know all about its knobs, whistles and apps (squeals again!)...

Meanwhile, I've been practicing some creativity with an exercise from this new book (a competition win from Facebook) that I got in the post from America today:

Painted Pages by Sarah Aherne Bellemare

 There are some unkind reviews on Amazon.com about this book having too many pages of the artist showing the art that she does without enough instruction, but I personally love it!  There are enough books out there that give you the step-by-step guides, this one is more of an encouragement guide for you to develop your own work in your own style. 

In the book there is a quick exercise on freeing your creativity by sticking randomly found paraphernalia into a mini sketchbook.  I did a double page spread with both pages on the same theme:
(The receipts aren't dry yet, which is why they are darker)

The left hand page has an old currency converter (photocopy) from a book on converting decimals from the 1970's and the receipt is for the actual 1971 decimal book, listed as 'Book Antique Value'

(I think for contrast I could have done with a different coloured background).

The right hand side has a few shop receipts, a tag, and a product barcode. I added to them the collaged words 'Material Girl'.
(shop details covered for security)

What I like about this is that the pages tell their own story without me having to say anything.

Roll on Friday! ;-)
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Happy Days said...

Looks like fun. The only trouble is with using receipts is that some of the till rolls are heat and light sensitive. I used a receipt from a Disney holiday and it has gone black :(

Enjoy your iPhone - I'll keep an eye out for an update from you on it. I'm too scared to get one as it's way too technological for me!! :)

qwiksave said...

You are right about the receipt going black - a couple have already! I suppose the lesson learned is to copy them before use using a printer or photocopier.

As for the phone, I considered getting myself the 'Idiots Guide to the iphone" but a friend that has one said that they're "dead easy". Umm....

Helen said...

Love this idea!

Carmen said...

Is this the one from that same publisher as that other book? Ooh where are they on FB? Can you send me the linky?

I do hope you balance the scales a bit and post your own review on Amazon? I do when I disagree with what they say :P

Have you seen this piece by Nicole? It's something similar using receipts etc to create the background but she then paints over it all but still allows them to show through. I must have a go atthis. http://pinterest.com/pin/31253755/

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