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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Chocolate....and how to live to be 100!


I made this photo montage tonight using Picnik, I didn't realise you could use layers (multi photos on top of each other) using Picnik until today, doh! The function was a bit hidden and I stumbled across it by accident. I will definately be using that feature a bit more now.

I should point out that lady in the photo isn't me! lol. It's just a picture from google. The montage was made as a gentle reminder to myself that I want to fit into my Summer clothes for the holidays this year!  

Speaking of looking after yourself, I loved this list taken from a book I got for 50p from a junk shop today:
Click to enlarge
The book is dated 1909 and they had some unusual ideas about what was good for your health back then!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Happy Days said...

LOL - love your montage - maybe I sohuld stick it on my fridge!!

I tried to email you earlier, but my mail kept being returned? Anyway just to say I fab time yesterday and have lots of new goodies to play with ;)

Claire xx

furrypig said...

how did google get a piccy of my belly???? LOL! I did like the tip for living to a 100, I suspect not may people would if they followed those intructions! Any other snippets from your book to share??

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