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Thursday, 2 June 2011

Online Creativity Courses

To give my creativity a good ol' kick, I've joined a couple of online courses that both started this week.  The first one is from Maritspaperworld, the 'Creative Summer Camp' (registrations are still open, until June 8th August 15th!).  Marit makes the most fantastic journals, go take yourself off for a good ol' mooch at her blog here...and then return! 

This course isn't a structured one where we follow strictly written instructions each day, this one has lots of creative ideas, technique videos and prompts and we get to choose which of the activities we wish to do. One of the selection of videos to start us off was on making bubble backgrounds and this is the one I thought I'd give a go today.  After getting over the shock of the price of a bottle of ink (£6.49 in WHSmiths!!) -  I got it somewhere else for £4 - I prepared my table outside in the sunshine.

I've got quite a few pictures to show you of the creative process:
 (Click to enlarge)
These pictures were taken just after I'd added the bubble bath mixture to the ink in the tray.  Love the way the colours separate, it looks like a painting!

Two more of those:

..and after blowing through a straw, here are a couple of pictures of my results:
 (Think I prefer the 'preparation shots!')

Oh, and this was the 'disaster area' setup in the garden!:

* * * * *
Apologies if I'm not with you as much as usual, our house was burgled yesterday and my laptop has been stolen! :-(    We still have a family home computer, but all four of us are in competition to use it! 

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Marit said...

Wooooohhh... the 'preparation pics' are gorgeous!!! I didn't get that look when I did it myself (but you used a white tray I guess.. .mine was green...
I do like the bubble print too! And yes, I know all about the disaster afterwards (just didn't put that on the video *teehee*)

(Oh, and registration for camp is open 'til AUGUST 15... people can register and come in all Summer long to play!)

Happy Days said...

I'll keep an eye for how you do with the online courses. I keep looking but haven't yet tried one! Mind you, daren't book into one for the next two months as I'm going to Jo Capper-Sandon's classes!

Sorry to hear about your burglary - not a nice experience. I feel for you. xxx

Kandi said...

Really gutted to hear about the burglary, it's such an awful experience.
Kandi x

qwiksave said...

Oops, Marit, have corrected the registration date details. Hope lots more come and join our little friendly community.

Have checked out Jo Capper-Sandon's classes Happy Days, those look fun, look forward to seeing the things that you make there.

Re the burglary, the police came to take fingerprints and they said that 5 laptops have recently been taken in our local area (the laptop is all that they took). Damn annoying though...!

Uma said...

gorgeous creations as always

so sorry to hear about the burglary

Carolyn said...

I like the bubble print! Sorry to hear about your burglary.

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furrypig said...

so sorry to hear about the burglary, how upsetting hope you are ok. Love all your creativity and look forward to seeing more from this class xxx

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