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Thursday, 23 June 2011


 I love these lists that have been passed around in Blogsphere and thought I'd share mine with you.

Wednesday Night, (Thurday Morning) 22/23rd June 2011
Outside my window ....Right now it's pitch black apart from street lights and lights from neighbour's windows.  We live in an area of many students that do their University work throughout the night and into the daylight hours. (Just like me then!...)

I am thinking ...I haven't blogged in a while and you might have been wondering if something was up.  There's no problem, I have just been Real Life busy.  My husband and I are working on a big photographic/video project for our eldest son that is all about his time in Junior School. He's off to High School in September and we thought it would be a nice idea to collect together all of  his class' early year memories to show at an end of term assembly.  Won't that be a great thing to look back on?  I wish my parents could have done it...

I am thankful for ...my husband getting a job in this country.  It's been difficult for us for the last 2 years with him working away in China and Germany and now he is working around the corner and is home every night.  As a family we now get to discuss our days around the dinner table and its beyond comparison... (love it!)

From the kitchen ...Our meal this evening was a simple meal of baked beans on toast with sausages made by my husband.  Sometimes 'simple' is all you need..

I am wearing ...Brown M&S jeans in Size 14, petite, and a t-shirt with brightly coloured cartoon  characters that was bought from a charity shop.  I've also got on a navy blue 'Bench' fleece, because this evening is still chilly, despite the calendar saying its Summer! 

I am creating the photographic video show mentioned above, also today I helped to make a shield and crown for my boys to wear in their school play about King Arthur.

I am going to bed soon, just got to finish reading all the blogs in my Google Reader..

I am reading ...a book called 'No Fear' by Sherry Ashworth.  It's another charity shop find and is quite an amusing story about an English teacher that worries about anything and everything.

I am hoping ...that I can lose a few pounds before we go on holiday this year.  As a family, we are going to tour Europe by train and will spend a few days at Legoland Village in Denmark at the end of August.

I am hearing ...the computer whirring and the internal fan.  At night it seems really loud when everything else around is quiet.

Around the house ..there are too many piles of things (ironing, washing...) that need doing.  I'm trying to organise myself with all the tasks that need doing on lists on my Iphone.  The theory is that I should be crossing them off...

One of my favourite things..is hearing my boys' laughter when I give them a tickle.  If I do it to one, the other insists that I do it to them too!

A few plans for the rest of the week ...a coffee morning with my other 'mum' friends tomorrow, some more work on that school video project (its a big job), crafting and blogging (of course!), and maybe I'll get to fit in some of that housework list too.... ;-)

A picture to share:
No, this isn't vandalism - it was taken at the Leamington Peace Festival last weekend. People of all ages were invited to colour this van all over with paints and chalks as one of the sidestall entertainments.  The 'art' was then washed off at the end ready for another session at its next venue!

* * * * *

I think I'll be doing this type of written exercise again some time, it was fun!

Thanks for reading and for any comments,


RosieB said...

I like this, so I'm stealing the idea! thank you :)

Happy Days said...

Love your Q&A's - always nice to learn a little more about blog buds. Good luck with your project. x

Sarah said...

Firstly, it's nice to meet my fellow summer campers, it was a good idea to put everyone's blog addresses in one thread

Second of all - the Leamington Peace Festival is still going? yay!!!! I used to go every year!

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