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Sunday, 8 August 2010


Our last day in Germany and we spent it in yet ANOTHER children's theme park.  This one was 'knight's-themed' and called 'Ritterturnier Schloss Thurn':

Here are my two brave knights:
The weather changed dramatically whilst we were there.  No sooner had we covered ourselves in suncream, than we found ourselves running for cover after getting drenched in the rain from a massive thunder storm.

Still, despite the weather, lots of fun was again had by all and loads more photos were taken.  (I also got to march off with a hunky 'Sheriff' during a Wild West Performance :-O.....but that's another story...)

Back to the theme park we went to yesterday called 'Tucherland', the indoor play centre with the lake and beach:

One of our favourite activities was table tennis:
We're not very good but we got in lots of practice!
(It's empty because we got there early!)

Outside, I liked this child friendly warning sign:
No idea what the words say, but you could make a guess.

My sons couldn't get enough of some more water play:
And this was a scene from the car on the way back:
I have to say thank goodness for an english speaking European SatNav - it has been EXTREMELY useful this holiday!

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furrypig said...

it looks like you have had an amazing time in Deutshland even though the weather has been varied! I love all the photos of Playmobil Land they are fantastic definitely my favourites!

qwiksave said...

Thanks furrypig, we had a great time in Germany. Back now after travelling all afternoon and early evening yesterday. Was too exhausted to blog last night. Itching to get back to crafting, as it was very much a boy holiday! ;-)

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