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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sharpie Tye Dying

I was browsing my very extensive blog list yesterday and came across a great idea on this blog that I felt I just had to have a go at.

It was Sharpie Tye-Dying.  In other words making a tye-die effect using Sharpie Marker Pens.  There was a great step-by-step tutorial (see link) which I was able to follow and this is what I have done on a cotton shopping bag so far:

I actually spoiled the circles I started because I thought they were too pale so added some more colour to them - oops!  I think I will cover the bag with more circles - and this time leave well alone! (you live and learn!)  
Here were the work in progress shots:

It is very satisfying watching the colour spread out from the middle!

Thanks for looking,
See you tomorrow,


Gemma said...

ooh what a lovely effect! :) xx

qwiksave said...

Thank you Gemma - and thanks for commenting, it motivates me more! Nicky x

PepPop said...

Mmm I like these, I'm thinking make them, cut them out, layer them up and make some really cool flowers for brooches, etc.. Great work. Jaqui x

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