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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Summer Holiday Special - Part 3

Continuing on with my Summer Holiday Activity Special - Please see parts 1 and 2.  These are activities for children for the Summer Holiday, particularly suitable for young children, but you could adapt them for slightly older ones.

Next activity I have to show you:
We used the book 'The Observer's Book of On the Street'.  Do you remember those little books that we had as children?  They came in themes like 'Transport' and 'Insects' and you had to find them in photos in the book and tick them off for points.  If you don't know these, you're too young - but they have reinvented them now I believe with more modern subjects.  This was an old book, which you can sometimes find in charity shops.
In this one you looked for drain covers and signposts..
You didn't need to look this closely!:
A snack break to discuss your findings was essential:
and jumping your way through the puddles is optional:
I also went on to make my own local version of this book using the computer which again is an option!

Another activity we did was to find out where in the world some of our products came from:
This shirt came from Sri Lanka...
..and this toy van was made in Taiwan.

This concludes Part 3 of the Summer Activity Special - Look out for Part 4.

Hope you are finding this series useful,


K said...

ooo, never thought of looking up where things are made, this moght help my geography let alone theres.

qwiksave said...

It helped mine too! Unfortunately a lot of toys these days are made in China though. :-(

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