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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Image Transfer on Canvas

I've had another go at image transfer tonight (phew, the fumes!) using Cellulose Thinners.  I didn't give myself enough time to do enough experimenting and I think if I had more time I would get more successful results. 

This was one of the effects:
I don't know if you can just about make out a profile of a face there, I decided to try doing my transfer onto canvas paper this time to get a textured effect.
This was the original image I used - and of course you get the image reversed.  Something to bear in mind if you want to use text.
Here they are side by side.  I actually like the pencil lines texture that it gives to both images.

The transfer may have been stronger if I had done the transferring onto plain paper rather than canvas - or maybe used a different type of magazine print.  More experimenting needs to be done I think.

To do this particular technique I applied some cellulose thinners directly onto the image with a foam sponge brush, turned it over onto the canvas and scribbled on the back with a pencil. 

I also tried it with a tomato image:

and again the transfer is a bit subtle but I am liking the 'magic' scribble effect it gives.

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