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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Summer Holiday Special - Part 2

Continuing with the Summer Holiday Activity Pages I started in Part 1, here are some more activities you might like to try with your younger children.

Next activity we tried was to build an ant farm. We had one of the shop bought ones that you can sometimes find in charity shops.  We needed to get some soil for it and it was night time and raining but we did it anyway!:
When it is sunny the next day (hopefully!) you can collect some ants:
..and examine them very carefully!:
and hopefully they will do interesting things:

Moving on.. we made ourselves a banner for the garden fence out of plastic bags:
Lie in the middle and suck your thumb if you wish:
Then get someone (ahem) to put them on the fence:
..and admire!

If it rains (!) Don't worry, just be prepared!
and do a happy dance when it stops!:
That concludes Part 2, don't forget to check out Part 3...

Hope you find this useful,


K said...

Yay for ignoring the rain!!
I love that banner, as always you are an inspiration Nicky

qwiksave said...

Thanks K. I also used the excess bags you get from charities asking for donations. Thicker plastic is best for these banners. x

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