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Saturday 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

 (Taken from the TV)

Hope you had a great Christmas, we did and I'm feeling really optimistic and excited about starting a new creative year afresh.  I can't wait to be even more adventurous in my creative endeavours and taking you along with me for the ride.  I've got myself signed up to a few free (yay!) online courses and am itching to get started on them in the next few days.  I do like doing my own crafts but I also like being given prompts to 'jumpstart' my own ideas ( ♥ Pinterest!)

I got a few books for Christmas (admitedly, I chose them on my Amazon wishlist) and they are so me!   I practically squealed when I was reading this first one:

(Amazon image)
 The Art of iPhonegraphy by Stephanie C Roberts (£9.99, Waterstones)

As regular blog readers will know, I love photography and this book is packed with creative themes for subjects to take with lots of tips and suggestions for apps for the iPhone. 

The second book I have got to show you is this:

(Google image)

Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt
(Amazon £8.84 at time of writing)

I haven't had chance to go through this book yet but it looks to have some great printing projects (image transfer, tshirt printing ideas..) that I can get started on in the New Year. 

The last book isn't a craft/art/photography book!!.. but I love it!  It came recommended by the ever cheerful, Yorkshire based, colourful crochet blogger, Lucy from Attic 24 and its about "How to cope with the mental and emotional challenge of keeping a home"

(Google Image)

'Housework Blues A Survival Guide' by Danielle Raine

I SO needed this! And my husband has said it was the best £7.99 he's ever spent, lol.  It's even getting me, an eternal couch potato, happily reaching out for the vacuum cleaner and tackling my ironing mountain.   It's part of the reason I haven't been online recently, I've been attending to housework! Gasp!  Even I'm amazed at the change its already done to me - for the better!

* * * * *

Finally today,
I would like to wish

See you next year,


K said...

Your happily ironing!!! WOW!!! Why havent I heard of this book, it sounds miraculas!

Happy new year sweetie & I cant wait to see you trying out some of your new crafty endeavours

Gem said...

Happy new year! I love the look of your new books, especially the iphonetography one! I'm always taking pics on mine :) I'd be interested to know what the free courses are you've signed up to, I need a bit of a kick start as I've been stuck in a bit of a creative rut recently! All the best for 2012 :) Gemma x

Carmen said...

I was looking at that printing one the other day - it popped up in my recommended list! Looks fabulous - you'll have to let me know what you think of it!

I think you've been brainwashed with the housekeeping :D

I too have a good feeling about 2012! Don't know why...

Nicky Stevenson said...

K, one of the secrets of WANTING to iron (according to the book) is seeing the benefits of doing so - seeing your family looking not-so-scruffy is a great motivator, lol. Happy New Year to you too.

Gemma - one of the free courses I have signed up to is called Creative Jumpstart Summit 2012 and it is available here:

Carmen - Here is to a great 2012! I will let you know more details about the printmaking book when I get chance to read it - probably when the kids go back!

Thanks for your comments, I REALLY appreciate them! ☺ Nicky x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Gemma - Another free course I have signed up for is the Strathmore Online Workshop. Link here:

Both courses I mentioned started this week.


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