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Friday 9 December 2011

December Daily Day 8 - Shhh! Secret Santa

I went with a couple of friends to a charity shop this morning and when one of the friends and I caught sight of one item on display we had the fits of giggles.  Then the other friend who was looking at something else at the time came over and saw it and decided to buy it as a 'Secret Santa' present!!

Here it is!:
It's quite big, about 20" tall and it is a jug.
(The other naughty friend and I persuaded her to get it when she was waivering, lol!)
So this is the subject of my December Daily page today, Secret Santa:

I've also being sorting out my own 'Secret Santa' today.  I've been putting my final touches to a present blog swop that I'm involved in but I can't show you the details of that until we've done our swopping! 

Hope you are enjoying my December Daily.
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Kandi said...

Wow, holy crap! Not sure if it's magnificent or horrific! Lol it made me smile anyway.
Kandi x

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