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Sunday 4 December 2011

December Daily Day 4 - Craft Fair

Believe it or not, I like the minimal style of scrapbooking! (lol)   You know the type, lots of white space around the photos and titles.  You wouldn't think that that was anything like the case when you get to see my December Daily page for today:

White space? What's that? 

My excuse, if I had to give one, is that I went to a craft fayre/fair today and there were quite a few fun exhibits to show you.  The paper is only 6x6 and so I had to cram it all in fit what I could in the space available.  ☺

I went with a friend and their 8 year old daughter, rather than my family of boys.  They would have grumbled the whole time and no doubt caused mischief.  It was better that they were left at home, so I could shop in peace and their dad took them off swimming for the afternoon.

I'm enjoying doing this December Daily, but there's no planning involved (eek!)  I'm just doing a page on whatever Christmassy thing happens on that day, wonder what it is going to be tomorrow?...

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


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