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Tuesday 13 December 2011

December Daily Pages 10 and 11

I do believe I owe you a look at some more of my recent pages of my December Daily Album.

This one was to document the decorations we made at the recycling centre:
I made it using recycled/reused items too -  the backing cardboard was from a packet of german chocolate decorations.  It had a cut out tree with a piece of cellophane so I used that to frame the photo of my son's snowman decoration (I won't forget my husband's clever stuff, just seeing this page will remind me!)  The rest of the materials were found objects that fitted with the theme.

Detail picture:
..including a milk bottle top!

For yesterday's page, we went into the attic and got our tree decorations down:
I took some photos of the decorations in their boxes as they weren't on the tree then - we put them on today - so that will be the subject of tomorrow's page.

I wasn't liking this page until I added a bit lot of washi tape - it is fabulous stuff.  I love the way that you can still see what is underneath.  

Thanks for looking today and for any comments,


London Accountant said...

The tape actually fits perfectly with a Christmas theme :) I like your use of recycled items, it's very original and it works really well. Makes everything a lot more personal as well.

Montgomery Oven Repair said...

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