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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Go Create Art!

I decided to make myself a colourful inspirational reminder for my studio wall:

 The 'reminder' part is just the word 'Create' on the ink splattered cardboard background.  I photographed it on an enormous set of pens that I have had since, ahem, the 1990s!

The letters for the word 'Create' were made by drawing freehand on to some Crayola Color Explosion paper, which was a charity shop bargain for 99p!   I love this paper, even though its meant for kids!   You use a special pen and where you write it creates a pattern. You don't know what colours will appear and they take a few seconds to emerge from the black paper but it is fun!  

  I cut out my letters and then stuck them down on my 'Tippex' splattered black card with 'Sellotape' Sticky Fixer Strips which gave them the 3d effect.

The box of pens was a bit unusual (found it in my attic room) and it opens out like this:
It closes into one semi-circle and contains 6 thicker pens and a protractor (the green ruler semi-circle).   I think it was about £10, back in it's day but I'm not sure about the quality of those pens.  I've never taken them out because I always thought it would be a shame to spoil the pattern!

So now I have several reminders that I can use, the photos I have taken of the artwork and the artwork itself.  This will mean I can put them on noticeboards all around the house and inspire the rest of the family to create too! Yay! 

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Never heard of those papers but I love what you did with them :)

Had to laugh at you never removing the pens too :D

Happy Days said...

Love what you've done, but especially love the bottom photo of the pens. I could sit and look at it for ages - very arty shot!

LOL @ you and not using the pens. I'm a bit like that with my dies, if I do use them I do a bulk cutting session and carefully replace them in the packaging having first made sure that there is no paper dust anywhere on them!

Claire x

Framed prints said...

I like the creativity of using art materials *as an art piece*. The self-reference to artistic creation itself is great.

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