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Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Creative Week

Back again! And because it has been so long ( a whole week!) since I last did a post I have a week's worth of stuff to show you (yay!)

First of all, last Sunday, on another fantastic sunny day, we went to another local history place to see behind the scenes.  This time it was a place called Guy's Cliffe which is near Warwick.

 This was an interesting old building. Some information about it can be found here on wikipedia.
Part of it is just a shell because it was burned in a fire during the making of a film called 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' in 1992.

It also has a spooooky past, which makes it a good place for visitors that are into haunted activities.
(Click picture for details)

It is a great place for boys (of all ages!) to explore, with secret rooms, hidden doorways and caves to discover.  It is not open to the public generally, just on special opening days.  

Next, I'm moving on to some fancy dress and on Thursday they were celebrating Roald Dahl day at our youngest son's primary school.  He chose this character and I made the costume using velcro strips to stick the food on:
Keeping with the theme of fancy dress, we all went to a fabulous Lord of the Rings party at a friend's house last night.  

My husband went as this spider:
..with a costume he made himself

and our eldest went as this character:
Who some of you who know the story of Lord of the Rings will recognise (Confession, I don't know it!)

I've also made another page in my Ireland Holiday Journal:

And finally (phew!), when we were on holiday, the youngest boy had a challenge set by his school.  It was to take a photo of himself reading a book in an interesting place.  I'm glad to say he won the competition with this picture of him reading a book with a boa constrictor around his neck:

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


Sarah said...

Guy's Cliffe house looks amazing!! I have added it to my must visit list (it will have to be next year though as their website says that they have no more open days in 2012 :( )

and all the fancy dress outfits are fantastic!

Happy Days said...

Wow - would love to visit Guy's Cliffe House. Sounds awesome!!!!

You are so clever with the fancy dress outfits you make. The spider is just brilliant!

Glad you posted today - full of fabulousness!! x

Carmen said...

Another here who thinks Guy's Cliffe sounds amazing!

Love the party outfits and am not surprised your son won that prize - who could beat reading with a SNAKE? :D

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