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Saturday, 29 September 2012

I'm doing a Craft Fair!

Those of you that follow me on Pinterest may have noticed that I have a new board on there which I have called Craft Fair and the reason for that is I am running my own stall at a local Church Hall in just 7 days time!   This is one of the reasons that I've not been on here, I am working flat out to get things made.  The panic of it all is that I only booked the stall two days ago on a momentary whim when I noticed the Craft Fair being advertised. 

Earlier on in the week, before I knew I was making items for this craft fair (thank goodness for Pinterest for quick to make fair ideas) I made this Christmas decoration:

The rice was coloured with two different green food dyes
and the pearls were simply coloured with Sharpies
 They are difficult to photograph but they look like the retro metalic coloured baubles you see sometimes.  Paperchase often stocks them.

The bottle was a charity shop find.  I'm now thinking I might use it for a table decoration for my stall on Saturday, but I would sell it if someone wanted it.  

I made some other table decorations for my stall, also with Sharpies:
I bought a set of clear bulbs from the 99p shop (4 for 99p) and coloured them with the Sharpie pens.  Ideally they would look good on a wire, but at this moment in time I'm not sure how I get them fixed on

For the craft fair itself I have been making objects that I have made in the past, though when I made them before they were for individual christmas gifts.   Things like the 'Pint of Socks' and the Paper Snowmen that contain chocolate bars.  I've also been making beermat calendars and greetings cards, amongst other things.  (Most of these objects can be found using the search facility on the right hand side of this blog).  
As well as Pinterest I have been scouring FiddleFarts blog [so sad (but understandable) that its being wound down :(  ] and also the crafty section of the forum of MSE.  There are loads of ideas to be found on there, if you are prepared to go on a good mooch.

Finally today, I will show you the prize package I received from Creative Craft World when I won one of their blog hops recently:
(It was for the Rainbow Blog Hop and I won for the colour yellow).

Have a good weekend.
Not quite sure when I'll be able to be on next (busy, busy, busy, craft, craft, craft)
but I will see you shortly,


Carmen said...

You mad crazy woman! :D I hope you have great fun and success at your fair! I bet there is smoke flying off your hands right now :D

Take lots of pics and show us how it went!

I never knew Fiddle fart was winding down - I don't visit very often, just because I don't do so much 'proper' crafting these days, more playing with my paints but I just went and had a peep. What a shame.

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