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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Celebrities for the Day

What fabulous (but dare I say it, almost too hot?!) weather we are having here in the UK at the moment.  This week, just as the children are back at school we are finally getting the weather we were meant to get during the holidays.  But anyway, I'm not here just to discuss the weather....

I've got some interesting pictures of where we went today:

Our home town had a 'behind the scenes' look at some local historical places event on this weekend. 

First we went on a visit to our local railway station where we had a guide telling us all about our Art Deco station.
He was a volunteer gardener there and was mainly going on about the wonderful flowers that he and his team of volunteers had planted.  Admitedly they were nice but the discussion was a bit too flower oriented for our family who are non-gardeners. 

From there we went on to another art deco building, the one in the top picture, called 'The Assembly Rooms'.  It is now a place where rock and pop singers of past and present come to perform but in the past it had been an upmarket Tea Dance venue. 
  (Below this ceiling pic, is a ballroom dance type floor) 

The building was renovated a few years ago, by the TV Designer, Laurence Llewelyn Bowen 
..with his flamboyant touches.  

When we got there, there was nobody around to show us so we were able to freely wander, which turned out to be interesting.  Down some stairs by the stage we wandered into what we guessed was the star's 'green room':
  ...Which was a strange place, with unusual 'toys' for the stars to play with, before and after performing.
A mirror and glass vintage caravan that was fitted with glass shelves throughout....
There was a full sized dalek for my boys to pose with.
Ride on toys like a dodgem car, a horse and this ostrich!
 and there was also a display panel of hotel room key fobs.

It was an unusual find and I had visions of Peter Andre who performed there a while back, 'relaxing' in this very room.  Makes me wonder what other theatre's green rooms are like?...

I also have made another couple of pages in my Ireland Journal:
Which I have done in similar style to the other pages.  This time I've just added more journaling and less pictures.

We are off to some more local places tomorrow, wonder what we will be seeing behind closed doors this time?

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Happy Days said...

Love doing these behind the scene tours. Are you going to Open House London on 22/9?

Brilliant pages - I'm impressed that you've been so dedicated. I started scrapping my Florida piccies and managed 1 :(

Claire x

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