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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A-mazing Colours

This project would have been easier with Photoshop:
...but instead I used a 'hard copy' (a scanned printout) and Pitt Brush Pens.

I had scanned some black and white mazes from a book a while back and when I saw this coloured picture whilst browsing my photos I thought it would look good as a contrast with the black and white as a background.

The coloured photo is of my son's Aquadraw, the water mat that you can draw on with  pens filled with water.  This was a picture of the mat when it had been rained on and then held up to a sunny window (typical Summer weather this year!)

Anyway, I put the photo on the picture of the black and white scan - and decided instead that it would look good with the maze coloured using the same colours as the photo.  

An 'in progress shot'.  The maze almost look like pipes.

It was fun to do but it would have been easier just clicking the colours using my mouse and 'Photoshop' (what a shame that my 6 week free trial is up - Bah!) ....

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Again, although faffy ;) it really is very, very effective!

Love that picture of the mat!

Happy Days said...

This looks brilliant! Have you tried the photo editing software that comes with Craft Artist Pro? x

Scattychick said...

This looks amazing :) Also need to let you know you were the winner of my prize on the CCW bloghop pop over for how to claim your prize x

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