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Monday, 9 July 2012

Warwickshire Open Studios Event - Spoooky!

You may remember photos of my friend's interesting mosaic work I showed you on the day of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee?  Well yesterday we went to another fascinating (but quite spoooky!) place of mosaics.  This place was only a couple of streets away from where we live.  Who knows what some people (your neighbours?) have hiding in their back gardens?:
Yes, this is the interesting place our family visited yesterday - it was an open house & garden held as part of a Warwickshire Open Studios art event.  I have loads of photos to show you, because it was just so fascinating.

See what I mean about spooky?  What's great about this event is that visitors are allowed free reign to wander all over the treehouse and garden, spotting all the creative touches that are hiding all around.  (I'm not sure Health & Safety would like it, there are some seriously steep wooden steps leading to the top floor of that tree house).
View from the back window of the tree house.

The structure was covered in all kinds of cobweb covered objects:

 (Spot the 'I Love You' message in the bottle)

In the artist's house there were some interesting pieces hung on the walls:
and this art installation:
 I love these art open days where you get to see interesting, normally hidden artistic talents.  If you have them where you live do pop along, you never know what sort of inspirational treasure you'll find.

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Happy Days said...

Fantastic tree house and like you I love open house days. x

Carmen said...

I've never heard of them round here - how did you find out about it?

Fabulous tree house, I'm loving the gargoyle (?) with the shades on :D

qwiksave said...

Carmen, I found about ours in a catalogue I picked up in a shop, the catalogues are also available at Tourist Information Centres. Might be worth asking at your local TI in case they know of any.

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