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Friday, 13 July 2012


Not content with spending all my time on Pinterest, Flickr and the hundreds of blogs I read using blog readers, I now have a new interest that many creatives in Blogland seem to be a part of, Instagram.

I love photography so this seems right up my street.  At the moment I've only put a few pics on, just to 'dip my feet in the water' but I'm sure it won't be long before I'm diving in head first and swimming with the sharks fish!

(these are screen grabs of my photos taken from Webstagram, an online Instagram viewer)

This picture above is of a tshirt in a clothes shop window.

 This one is of a double rainbow, seen over our garden the other night

And this is one of the very first photos I took when I first got my iPhone a year ago.

If you are a fan of Instagram and are looking for new people to follow, please look me up. As you can see I'm on there as @doodledoo.  It would make my experience on Instagram a lot less lonely!  (Thanks!)

Thanks also for stopping by and for any comments.
Have a great weekend,


Happy Days said...

Oh I'm not gonna investigate this! Spend enough time on here as it is!!! Fab photos though.

Have a great weekend

Claire x

Carmen said...

I love the look of all the instagrams I'm seeing, yours as well. (Love your name! Haha!)

I keep pondering saving for an iPod so I can have all these cool apps, cheaper than an iPhone and if it's NOT a phone would I be less cursed with breaking/losing/drowning/pickling it?

Still a pipe dream at the moment!

qwiksave said...

Yes Carmen, you NEED an iPod Touch, hope your pipe dream comes a reality soon.

It's STILL lonely on Instagram, come on somebody, be brave and be my first follower. I put some more interesting piccies on today too.

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