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Friday, 20 July 2012

Summer Holiday Activities for Kids of All Ages!

Today was the day my boys broke up from school and we have already started on the first of our holiday activities!  I got this great book that is jammed packed with creative things to make and today whilst I was stuck at home waiting for the gas man to arrive I made a start.

I've allocated and titled up a ringbinder that we will use to put pictures that we create in and also photos of any models that we make.

The title comes from the book of the same name:
It's an Usborne children's activity book that is priced on the back at £20!! But, get this, I got it (new!) in a charity shop for just 50p!! Yay!

I had this bright idea yesterday that I would challenge myself to make (with the boys) all 1000 items starting at the beginning of the book and working through everything.  I even made a start with projects 1-9, these cat drawing exercises:
 (Following and copying the instructions) 

I then moved on to these monkey collages:
Which I finished off today waiting for the gas man. The bottom right one is made of felt and material - me! I never rarely ever use materials!

And, because the gas man took his time, I got started on the next project, making cardboard dinosaurs.   Then, whilst I went shopping,  I asked my husband to get the boys to help him finish the models off by  making some cardboard trees.  Good as gold (for a change!), they did this and the scene was complete for when I got back:
 Roooooaaaar!! (Good fun, but you need some nice comfortable handles on your scissors when cutting all that cardboard).

Taking a look at the book we worked out that some of the Summer themed projects were buried in amongst, say some Christmas projects or ones with an Easter theme, so we decided that we will just pick and choose what we do from it after all.

My boys are obsessed with  like playing Minecraft, so it will be useful to have a creative outlet on our non-Sunshiny days that doesn't involve the computer!  

We are off to Ireland on Sunday but plan to take the book and some basic supplies with us. Hopefully we will get chance to do some more of the projects whilst over there.   I am also hoping to carry on creating  index cards for the ICAD project, I am still keeping up with that most days.  I will be back later to show you some of my latest creations.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


K said...

Those dinosaurs are FAB, I love them, so very cool. I have a Minecraft obsessed son as well (on the PC.
Looks like you had a very productive time :) Cant wait to see more creations.

Carmen said...

Loving this post SO much - though not sure who is having more fun? you or the boys! ;)

The dinosaurs are fab as are your cats and those monkeys! Looking forward to seeing what else you do throughout the summer!

Happy Days said...

Fantastic stuff! My son is obsessed with Minecraft too - I managed to snag some activity kits in Staples for silly money, whether that will be enough to entice him away, who knows!

Have a fab holiday.

Claire x

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