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Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Riot of Colour in my ICAD Catch Up

I was going to post these ICAD cards last night, but sleep got the better of me, so today it is. 

These are my latest cards, made by experimenting with a really vibrant watercolour paint set.
 This first card was a rectangle cut from a textured wallpaper and the squares were painted to bring out the texture.

This second one is a result of experimenting with my watercolour paint set and some white glue:
The streak of glue was put down the left hand side of the page and then some spots of paint . I then dragged a plastic palette knife across the card to spread the colour.   This card is a combination of different cards done in that way that were ripped and joined together. 

 These two cards were created by cutting blocked lines out of one card and using it as a stencil for the other.  Random painting was added both before and after the stencilling.

I also made a card that looked better when it was wet so that was the card I posted to the flickr group:
 It was created by the rain!
 I put random food colouring spots onto my card and then left it out for the rain to do the creating.  (Note: Grab it in before it all washes away!)  The texture was still interesting when it dried but the colours went a very disappointingly shade of 'dull.'

Taking part in this ICAD group has really helped me to try techniques that I wouldn't have tackled otherwise and as each card is only 5 x 3", it doesn't make it too big a task.  Some of  the techniques I used were ideas that I had pinned on Pinterest, what a great way to try them out!

Off to Ireland tomorrow so not sure when I will be posting next as internet access isn't readily available.  I may be posting some Instagram pictures though, I love the scenery of Ireland.  To follow me (please do!) my user name on Instagram is @doodledoo.  

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Ooh that rain technique might be interesting to try with various blobs of paint on there to start off with - one car watercolour, another acrylic... hmmm.

Loving all your ICADS!

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