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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Olympic Torch Relay comes to Town

Well, we survived the camping, despite the Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun pattern that was our weather for the weekend.  We got back on Sunday at lunchtime in time to see the Olympic Torch Relay in Leamington that was (luckily!) in glorious sunshine! 

Here, first of all then are the Olympic pictures:

There was a great atmostphere, fun but also full of nervous tension too.  There was pressure to get the picture of the torch bearer without someone sticking their head in the way of your shot! (Fortunately, as you can see, I managed it! ☺)

* * * * *
And here are just a few of the weekend camping:
 We got ourselves a new giant (9 man) tent this year and everybody crammed into the main area when the rain came.  (The birthday girl herself made the bunting that you see on our tent).
In the field next to us were these nosey donkeys.  They were behind an electric fence and all the kids insisted on touching the fence, just once! (Ouch!) 
 We all (20 of us) went on a walk and the ground was so muddy!  Wellies were definately the (albeit non-fashionable) foot atire of the day.
And finally, as a result of the sun and rain, we were treated to this beautiful double rainbow.

British Summers, eh? Still, a good time was had by all and it was another year of great memories that we can add to our memory banks. 
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Happy Days said...

Love your mansion!!!! That's camping in style :D Glad you had a good time. Claire x

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