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Sunday, 8 July 2012

ICAD Catch Up

The sun actually shone for a while today and as a family we went on a visit to an interesting place...but I'll show you photos of that tomorrow. Today it's time to catch up with ICAD (Index-Card-A-Day).

 Working backwards as I did yesterday, this was yesterday's creation:
What fun! I love the idea of made up creative words, especially when they have a humorous element, 'mibbling' - filling in letters on a page (the background words I filled in were from a proper, enlarged print dictionary).

This was from the day befores.  The background layered effect was created using Bingo dabbers, bought especially to do art with.  I love the transparent nature of these and they are perfect for layering and creating mixes.  I got a pack of glitter sequins from a charity shop so they ended on top, creating a lovely glimmer (it is all over, but the photo only shows some of the shine). 

Next up we have a flourescent pencil card (from a 'use coloured pencils' prompt).  I put texture on mine by sharpening the pencils and sticking on the bits from the sharpenings.  I also used some more of my neon embossing powder, which was heat set with a heat gun too.  

Finally for today, I did a card that had been missed out from June, the one 'welcoming Summer':
(I'm still waiting for that to happen, lol)

For this card I made a shaving foam and acrylic paint marbled background to which I added a Tim Holtz stamp.  More of the new glitter sequins were added to give it some shine and depth.

And there you have it for my catch up posts, I'm just off to do todays.
Hope you have had an enjoyable weekend,



Andria said...

Looks like you are having lots of fun with colors, Nicky! Those Bingo dabbers have a really nice effect...I love circles!

Natasha said...

Love these cards, looks like you have been having fun!! :)

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