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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

What's in the Box?

When I got this item from a charity shop last week the person serving me gave me a strange look:

And what was in this old battered box that got me secretly squealing with excitement and the rather odd look from the assistant?

 A ginormous stamp set to play shops with!

It was used to price up products by hand in the good old days.
 Just look at those titles - 'Finest Quality,' 'Per lb' and 'Sure to Please.'

I'm not really using it to play shops, I have been stamping some 'everyday' labels to stick on my magnetic reminder board so I don't have to speak to my kids I can remind my family of daily events.

(I've mixed capitals and lower case letters deliberately because I love the quirky effect).

The numbers look small in the box but stamp bigger:

I'm so pleased with this purchase and want to label everything in sight! Not bad for a purchase price of just £8.50....

* * * * *

It was my husband's birthday today and I made him this (Hidden) Toblerone container for one of his pressies:

(If I made another one I'd use card rather than paper).  I think they could also be used as table setting cards for an informal occasion.  The bonus is that they are very simple to make with just three simple folds of one piece of paper/card.  I do like this kind of simple craft!

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Kandi said...

Wow what a find I bet you have loads of ideas for this already! I would be playing shops with it I think :0)
Kandi x

Happy Days said...

What an awesome find! Very envious!!

Claire x

K said...

Oh Wow! what fab stamps, no wonder you made a noise when you found them

Carmen said...

I think I would have squealed and maybe done a small wee in excitement! No wonder you are pleased!What an absolute find! You now share top spot with Craig's Mum as Queen of the Boutiques :D (I usually can give her a list and within a week she's back having found everything dirt cheap in the charity shops near her! Ours are rubbish!)P.s Boutiques is what my Mum used to call them. "Lets have a day at the Boutiques shall we?" :P

moonstruckcreations said...

What a great find - I remember getting a letter stamping set when I was little one Christmas, it was brilliant!


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