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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A Beach Memory Jar and Picasa

This main page will still be all about crafting and with the closing of photo editing site Picnik tomorrow, I decided to try out one of the optional alternatives, Picasa (as recommended by Carmen of Whoopidooings, thanks!) and see what I could do with it.

This picture was created by the rain itself outside in my garden today! I bought a Rainbow Aquadraw set (charity shop £3!), (which I know is meant for little children but I thought I'd use it creatively myself!) and, for this picture I took the aquadraw mat into the garden - when it was raining- and photographed the result.  I've used Picasa to deepen the colours a bit but I'm not sure I've mastered the lettering part yet. 

One more practice and this picture was taken out of my sitting room window earlier on this evening:
I added the outside frame, which makes it look like a window itself.  Think I could get used to this Picasa....

Another craft I have been making recently is a decoration for the bathroom:

It's a memory jar with a picture from an October holiday we took in Lowestoft in 2006.  (If I remember correctly, the weather was a bit like it is now, freezing cold and rainy!)  Anyway, it is a fun picture (a fabric transfer onto thick white felt) which I added to a jar with some children's play sand and some shells.  I did have the lid on the jar originally but the sand is a little damp so it caused condensation to form on the glass so I have left it off until the sand dries out.  Memory jars are fun things to do and you can do them on all kinds of themes, I already have some others in mind on my never-ending 'Crafts to Do' list.

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Carmen said...

Love that memory jar! And that photo transfer is fantastic!

Picasa is really easy after a while, doesn't have all your picnik-y bits but maybe enough to fend off the withdrawels :)

Happy Days said...

Fab photos and I love the memory jar. x

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