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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wet, Wet, Wet! (A Smelly Craft)

This morning here where I am in the centre of England it POURED down with rain and it has being doing so (on and off) for days now.   So what do you do when it is like this?.... You make a craft about it! (Well, I did anyway...)

This 'sculpture' isn't the craft, see explanation below!

I decided to make a page in my filofax journal about the rain, so set about making myself a background using the shaving foam and food colouring technique that I have read about. (Its dead simple, you just put a layer of shaving foam on a tray or plate and add drops of food colouring to it. Place a piece of paper on the top and then scrape off the foam from the paper with some cardboard).  This is why its a 'smelly craft', the shaving foam is perfumed!  

This is one of those crafts where I like the pictures of the 'craft in progress' better than the finished result! That picture above is one and here are another couple:

(The light wasn't great so this bottom picture isn't in focus)

And this is the finished journal page:
I used a photo of the house opposite that I took through our rainy window this morning and added the text using the Picnik substitute website, PicMonkey.

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Marg said...

Interesting! I like the finished result - it looks just like I feel about the weather just now x

Carmen said...

Was the same here in the South East too. Brilliant page though - really like the end result!

K said...

I like the end result, but I'm with you, the "in progress" shot is amazing! its like a foaming, stormy sea, full of movement & depth.

Happy Days said...

Love the work in progress - you'll need to create a technique that makes it stay!! :D

Your page is brilliant and totally sums up the weather here too! Mind you I'm not moaning about the rain we sooo totally need it! xxx

Igloo said...

Those textures look beautiful!

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