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Friday, 27 April 2012

Olympic Torch made from a Pram Cat Net

My son and I had fun tonight, doing his homework.  It's on an Olympic Games theme and given a choice of things to create, he chose to make the Olympic torch.  I don't know if you have seen this year's torch but if you see this close up detail you can see it looks as though it was made from gold punchinella:

Bonus points for us him this homework because how many people in his class do you think will make a torch looking like this?  Betcha the others will all do the standard type with a paper cup on a kitchen roll tube  - boring!  (Not that I'm competitive or anything!...)

Look, its even multilayered punchinella!   

My first thought was punchinella would be great to use to create ours but could I find it? No....  But then I spotted this Pram Cat Net that I had purchased solely for craft making (who uses these nowadays anyway?) and we set about wrapping it round several times and sticking it with some spray glue to a gift wrap tube.   We were hoping to use some spray paint to colour it gold but could I find it? (Are you spotting a theme here? lol) er, No.  So my young son (age 9) and I set about painting it with paintbrushes. 

Here he is in action:
(No pics of me, I was ze camera person)

We had a thoroughly good, fun time, painting and singing loudly as we painted.  Took ages with all those layers ('makes mental note to  find the spray paint') but we hardly noticed as we were having such a good time (Not sure the neighbours were though!)

(inbetween verses)

To finish we have stuck the olympic symbol on the side of the torch and last minute tomorrow morning before school (lol), we will stick some tissue paper in the top to represent the flames.

Gotta be some Gold Medals in it for us?...

Thanks for looking today,


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