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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Stop Thinking! (And Create!)

First of all, may I welcome the many new viewers I have had recently as a result of a referal from http://philofaxy.blogspot.co.uk I never knew there was such a thing as a blog that was dedicated to users of filofaxes.  I don't think many of the other followers that use that site use their filofaxes in quite the same way as me either!  Hope those of you that came from there weren't too horrified at the way that I have scribbled with oil pastels all over the cover of mine - I'm planning to cover that up soon anyway (with acrylic paint)...

Following on from the abstract pages I showed you the other day, I've done some more:

I liked this quote because it is so how I am!  I keep thinking of squillions of things that I could create (Pinterest gives me so many ideas!) and I need to actually get on with them instead of thinking about getting on with them! 

I used the back of a junk mail envelope for the background.  It's great, its got teeny little hexagons on it and it incidently came from Virgin Media correction, Legal & General Insurance  (I actually want them to send me some more junk mail, lol).  The lightbulbs image was from an old engineering book and the head from a magazine.  I stamped the clouds and did a lot of colouring with neon highlighter pens. 

The 'Chill Out' page shown here on the left was a 'cheat,' its a scanned picture from a greetings card - that I've added to one of my shaving foam marbled backgrounds.

These pages already had a background:
..and so I just doodled randomly on top of them with my neocolor crayons. 
Pictures and journaling can be added at a later date. 

Hope you've enjoyed your visit today, 


Happy Days said...

LOL - it's amazing where traffic comes from! I have several visitors from Gothise- a site dedicated to goths! However, all visitors are welcome (apart from spammers!!!).

Love your pages (yet again)

Enjoy your Sunday.

Claire xxx

Carmen said...

Most of my traffic comes looking for Mr Tumble dolls or Zombie images! Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum :D

I went and had a peep - what a cool site to be featured on though!

I can certainly relate to your stop thinking and just DO page!

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