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Friday, 29 April 2011

Today's the Day!

(This picture above was a photo taken of the side of a brand new Royal Mail Post Van that conveniently parked outside our house one day!)

'The day' being The Royal Wedding, of course!  Our family are going to a Street Party at my Brother-in-Law's house because we live on a busy Main Road so aren't able to have one where we live. 

I've been baking! (Remember, I do not cook!) So here, for you, to snigger at are just some of the sausage rolls shapey things I've been making for today's celebrations. Some of them are heart shaped and some of them are not - because my boys would not appreciate hearts (sigh!)  I've even put the initials 'C' & 'W' on some of them too!
The plate they are on is the one I made last year.  It's a cake stand with a glass candlestick base - details here

I remember, as a child (blush because I really am that old!) the Silver Jubilee in 1977.  We went to my grandparent's house in Tenby, South Wales, and we had a fabulous Street Party  where they lived.

I hunted out some of the photos the other day and discovered that they had got a strange colour cast because of their age. I was able to improve them a bit using Picnik:

 ..but Photoshop would probably do a better job.

They really went to town on the decorations.
..and somebody obviously put in a lot of effort with this special cake.
I love the way the whole street came together. It was a very memorable ocassion - even today, 34 years later! 

Enjoy today and your weekend whatever you are doing,
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