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Monday, 4 April 2011

Kathryn Wheel April Calendar Blunder

OOps!  Between yesterday and today I've been making my April calendar for the Kathryn Wheel Project and I remember thinking, "this should be easy this month, there are only 30 days so they will fit on just nicely on the journal calendar." (Meaning no having to accomodate for the extra '1')  So I was punching out all my numbers to put on my squares, got to 12 and thought "something is not right here"...and then it dawned on me, I'd only stuck on 24 squares!  Aaaah! Especially as I'd completed all the rest of the calendar.  Doh!  I was just going to start completely again (Noooooo!) when my clever younger son suggested that I doubled up on a line, so that is what I did:

I just can't do as much to write about on those days! lol.

Here's the close up detail:
I didn't half hurt me thumb punching out all those numbers too! 

For the calendar itself I focussed on Easter and used the fun chicken themed set of stamps that I got  from the NEC recently. 
I thought I'll just paper pierce some of them and colour the rest. But when I did that, the coloured ones didn't look 'complete' so I ended up paper piercing everything!  Tails, wings, flowers, hen house... it took forever!  Overall I'm happy with the result and I'll just have to gently gloss over my little mistake.... 

* * * * *

Moving on and LETS GO FLY A KITE ...and let's not make it normal sized, let's make it BIG! Well, that is what my hubby and his friend did yesterday with the boys.

Here they are making it:
The 'real' boys (in the background) made the tail out of coloured paper into leaf shapes that were stapled on to the string:
See? Told you it was BIG!:
 ..and YES, it flew:
(Think it helped that my hubby is an engineer!)

Finally today, I hope those of you in the UK enjoyed Mother's Day.  I was lucky enough to get breakfast in bed and a fabulous meal made for me in the evening.  I also received two lovely handmade cards and a book on acrylic painting.  We went to the park briefly today and here I am (at aged 48) after having climbed this tree with my boys!:
Have a good week.  Thanks for stopping by and for any comments,


Anonymous said...

I love the hens and the colors you used.

K said...

Fab page, well worth the effort, & well done "youngest son" for saving it :)

Wow, what a kite!! & that is a lovely photo of you & your lads

Happy Days said...

Fantastic page - I love those stamps and the paper piecing was seriously worth the effort it looks fab.

LOL at the kite - I'm amazed it took off!!

That's a gorgeous picture of you and your boys. Claire x

Sandra Hall said...

I think you made a great save with the journal blocks :) Well done to your son for the idea ... And to you for climbing that tree ! x

Marg said...

Love the colours on your journal and what a good 'rescue' by your son. The kite looks good fun (and tree climbing - well done)

sandra de said...

Wonderful page and colours you have used and it is great to see others miss a week. I had originally only stamped 6 days per week and was quite chuffed at how neatly it all came together!!!

PepPop said...

Your April page looks incredible but oh my the work!! WOW what a hugs kite!! LOL at the pic with the boys making it and the (real) boys in the background talking and not looking fussed :) Brilliant family pic too. Jaqui x

Janique de Suisse said...

very beuatiful ! the chickens are very funny, I love them !!

Laura said...

gorgeous journal page and .now i want to go fly a kite !!!!

flutterbycrafter said...

What a wonderful page, well done with flying the kite and for climbing the tree, lol.

Carmen said...

I adore that photo of you Nicky! I couldn't get up a tree as a teen never mind as the 34 year old I am now!

Erika said...

Love your Easter theme on your calender and what a great idea of your son's. The kite is huge too bet that was fun to fly.
Happy crafting.

furrypig said...

this is such a lovely post, I love how it involves the whole family. Your April page is gorgeous, where are the stamps from? I am really really impressed that the creativity in your family extends to the boys (great idea for the calendar) and hubby with his amazing kite! I really wantd a pic of me and the kids on Mothers day but didn't manage this year. That photo is such fun! Love it all xxx

Sheila MJ said...

I do like the colours of your April page - well done for putting in all that work.

patcrafts said...

I love your April page, the youngest son's idea is great it looks like it's meant to be and all those chickens etc around the edge are so cute.
A brilliant kite by the way and your photo in the tree with the boys is gorgeous. x

qwiksave said...

Thank you crafters.

Furrypig, I've managed to locate some of those chicken stamps on this site:


@£8.99(not sure how much the postage is?)

Whilst I was looking for you though, I spotted other ones I want now! lol.

We do try to do quite a few activities together at the weekend because my hubby works in Germany during the week so this time is quite precious to us. I'm sure the novelty of doing family things will wear off the boys as they get older though (sigh!)

artistaprilcole@gmail.com said...

Fantastic calendar page! Reminds me of a board game.
Well planned out, love your use of art elements.
2 thumbs up! :]

Kimberly Gruber said...

are those chickens? I LOVE them! pages are fabulous!

thekathrynwheel said...

Ha ha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets the number of days wrong on the calendar! Well done to your son for coming up with a great solution. Your pages look fab and I love the chickens! Well done for keeping up so far.

Steph said...

Love your pages and glad you found a solution x

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

Your Easter pages look great, the new stamps are just right.

maggie warke said...

Fabulous page, Love the colours. Love those chickens especially the running one! got to get those stamps. Enjoy the time with your boys these are precious moments.
Maggie x

Sam said...

Fantastic pages and the kite is great x

Anesha said...

Love your april page, wonderful!!

Anneke (An) Wijers said...

Beautiful pages and nice stamps.
And you've solved the problem very well.
Greetings, Anne

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